Lend a Hand with Island Grown

Volunteers help us deliver our programs in the community. There's something for everyone from harvesting produce, to delivering food, to serving Community Lunch to reducing waste at the Agricultural Fair.

See below for a full list of opportunities and click each for a more detailed description. If you're interested in volunteering your time, or want to arrange for a group volunteer experience, email office@igimv.org.

Our hydroponic and aquaponic greenhouse is a great, low-impact way to grow and harvest fresh produce, and is always looking for volunteers. Click here for more info.

Gleaning Harvesters pick produce on island farms to donate to community members with low food access, click here for more info.

Gleaning Distribution & Drivers deliver fresh produce throughout the community after it's harvested, click here for more info.

Gleaning Washing & Processing volunteers help make the produce we harvest and deliver for free in the community more useable by our recipients, click here for more info.

Community Lunch volunteers help prepare and serve free meals in the community to increase food access in the summer and during school breaks. Click here for more info.

In the summer we need volunteers to help maintain our school gardens. Click here for more info.

Mobile Market Sales Associates help with the functions of our Mobile Farmer's Market, which brings fresh, local produce for sale to island neighborhoods. Click here for more info.

In 2018, Volunteers helped us reduce the waste at the Agricultural Fair by 31%. Help fairgoers sort recycling, compost and landfilled waste. Click here for more info.