November 17, 2015

An Island Grown Fall

Island Grown Schools Helps Shape State Level Policy

For the past year and a half, IGS Program Leader Noli Taylor has been working with a group of students and teachers at the Charter School and our State Representative Tim Madden to create state-level policies to promote Farm to School. This movement is gaining momentum, with support coming from different organizations across the state. This month, Noli led 15 students and their teachers to testify in front of a Joint Subcommittee at the State House during a hearing for the bill they drafted last year. For more on the movement for farm to school legislation IGS is helping to lead, please read this article Noli wrote for the Gazette.

Island Grown Gleaning Brings in Fall Harvest

Fall is when our gleaners are busiest harvesting heavy crops such as potatoes, squashes and apples from local farms to deliver free to school cafeterias, elders, and islanders in need. So far this year, the gleaners have harvested a total of 15,519 pounds of produce. This past week alone, they harvested a whopping 1,275 pounds of carrots, potatoes and squash, most of which went to the Thanksgiving Food Distribution through Serving Hands.

Farm Hub Offers Winter Farm Share

It may be getting cold out, but the greenhouse at Thimble Farm is as green as ever. We have just started our Winter Farm Share, and there are still a few spaces left, so visit our website if you'd like to receive some of our delicious tomatoes, cucumbers, greens, lettuce and strawberries through the winter. If you want to try our fish, then stop by the Winter Farmer's Market on Saturdays at the Ag Hall from 10 to 1 and pick up some smoked Rainbow Trout from MV Smokehouse, or go to Beach Rd where it is sometimes on the menu

Our Poultry Program is Wrapping Up Their Year

Our mobile poultry processing unit is busy this month helping many backyard growers take their birds from field to freezer. This is a great time of the year to read up on and to plan raising your own chickens for next season. Visit Storey Publishing for a great list of booksthat will teach you everything you need to know about raising a chicken.