May 9, 2017

Grey Barn Farm Goats for Sale!

Details on the goats:

These goats have been used to clear fence lines, will eat brambles, poison ivy, russian olive, nearly anything. Trained to electric net fencing. Nice genetics: a mix of Boer meatiness and Kiko/Arapawa ruggedness. 

- Black-headed doe + kid: Full Boer with 2 week-old buckling. Reliable, great mother, gives strong fast-growing kids. Buckling is Boer/Arapawa cross, peppy little guy.

- Black/brown-headed doe: Boer/Kiko cross, the one year-old daughter of black-headed Boer (above). 

- White doe: Boer/Kiko cross, one-year old. Our most vigorous kid from last year, has already outgrown her mother. 

Prefer to sell first 2 does + kid as a family, with a hay feeder (freestanding, covered, for feeding square bales outdoors), asking $700

White doe: $250

Contact Lindsay: 317.531.2832