May 3, 2017

Put your Waste to Work

Saturday May 20th from 10 to 2 join us for a waste and compost themed workshop at the Farm Hub full of practical tips and take homes to get people started on their own. The five topics we will cover include: 

  • reducing food waste in the kitchen with tips from Sophie Abrams of Island Food Rescue
  • home composting with Roxanne from Middletown Nursery 
  • how to create a worm bin with Mary Sage of Island Grown Schools
  • brewing compost tea with the Allen Farm
  • how to use meat and fish scraps to breed soldier flies for chicken food 

The workshop is free of charge, and lunch will be provided. We're encouraging people to pre-register by emailing or calling 508-687-9062 so that we can get an accurate head count for take home materials and lunch. You can also register for part of the day if you're not interested in all of the topics.