June 12, 2017

The argument for more working farmland and woodland

"Widespread management for agriculture or wood production on the Vineyard’s limited land area may seem counterintuitive or trivial when stacked up against the Island’s economic reality and high levels of consumption. Shouldn’t the Vineyard’s landscape simply be set aside for all to enjoy, and as backdrop to the tourism that dominates the economy? Shouldn’t the Island’s food and fiber come from mainland sources where it can be produced at grander scales and lower cost? After all, the Vineyard has never really been self-supporting; it has been importing spruce timber from Maine and much more from elsewhere for centuries. Yet local production can actually make a meaningful dent in the Island’s food and wood needs. And there is a strong environmental argument for the Vineyard to increase its sustainable production of resources. This argument is called the 'illusion of preservation'."

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