September 1, 2018

Ag Fair Waste Stations

During the 4 days in August of the Agricultural Fair, 20,000 to 40,000 people visit the fairgrounds in West Tisbury. Historically, an average of 25,000 pounds of trash is sent to the landfill from this event.

In 2018, Island Grown teamed up with Vineyard Conservation Society and Sail MV to set in place a recycling and organics diversion program at the fair. With funding from CARE for the Cape and Islands, we outfitted four waste stations tents. There were no trash barrels placed out in the food area, so everyone had to bring and sort their refuse at a Waste Station tent. Three full dumpsters worth of single stream recycling were recovered, 6,500 pounds of food waste were composted and two full dumpsters of cardboard were diverted from the trash. Overall, landfilled trash was reduced by 31% through these efforts.


Read a full account of the event in this MV Times article here.

Interested in replicating a waste station approach at a major event in your community? Click here for the full guide.