October 9, 2019

Climate Solution Talk Series

The Island Climate Action Network is a group of Islanders working together to further local action on climate change. Part of their efforts is community education and engagement to help create changes on island to fight climate issues directly affecting us. They have put together a 6 part series of informative talks, starting October 15th and running through to March. We are so happy to be collaborators in their efforts and encourage our followers to attend any and all of these talks.

The first talk presented is about how our island can deal with emergencies that arise from extreme weather events. The talk will be given by Russell Hartenstine, who is West Tisbury's Emergency Manager. Russell has a wealth of information about what we need to do to prepare for extreme weather events, what to do during them and what service we might expect afterwards.

Russell will be presenting this talk twice in October, the first on Tuesday the 15th at the West Tisbury Library at 4:00 pm and next on Saturday the 26th at the Oak Bluffs Library at 2:30 pm.

We hope to see you there!