September 19, 2019

Global Climate Strike on the Vineyard

Dear friends,

On Friday September 20th, people around the world will be leaving their jobs, schools, and homes to call for climate action. At IGI, we are participating in the Strike with an event at our Farm Hub at Thimble Farm from 3:30-4:30, and we hope you'll join us.

Ours is one of many local activities being planned on the Vineyard that day-click herefor the full schedule.

At our event, we will stand in solidarity with like-minded folks around the world calling for action and systemic change to support the health of our planet and pave the way towards an abundant future, as we celebrate regenerative agriculture and food waste reduction as positive climate solutions.

In addition to demanding change in the ways we produce food, procure energy, and manage our waste, we hope this event will encourage cultural change as well. There will be time for sharing what is close to your heart regarding these topics, as we believe there are far too few opportunities for people to come together and be heard amidst the demands of daily life.

We will then take some photos in the fields holding signs about regenerative agriculture and the reduction of food waste as key climate solutions. We will share these photos with local media and state and national agricultural and climate circles.

Let's empower ourselves as individuals and as our collective Island community to live by example in these tumultuous times. We can make a difference!

Details for our event:

Thursday September 19th at 3pm Bring paper, markers, old sheets, paint and paint brushes, or any sign-making materials you have on hand and join us at 451 South Road for a sign making party

Global Climate Strike Friday September 20th

  • 3:30pm Gather, snacks, and sharing
  • 4pm Photos in the fields with our signs
  • 4:30pm Wrap & a song

Questions? Email Kat Soni at