June 9, 2020

Now is the Time for Change

IGI is committed to social justice. Every person deserves access to health care, education, housing and food. Our focus has been on meeting the needs of those who are food insecure and need access to good, healthy food. Like so many others we are horrified by the violence targeting people of color. As a society we have ignored the calls for equality, fairness and compassion for too long. The rights of every person are diminished when one person's rights are threatened. To black, brown and indigenous people– we stand with you. After centuries of racism and social injustice, now is the time for change.

The programs that we offer affect many in our community. To further ensure that our services are culturally competent and inclusive, our Board and staff will participate in a complete program review. This effort will engage those we serve and the communities impacted by our work to ensure that we are meeting their needs and actively promoting racial equity within our organization and in our island community. IGI also remains committed to an active, intentional agenda towards recruiting and engaging minority staff and volunteers.

Even as Island Grown Initiative works to ensure that everyone has equal access to healthy food in our community, we know there is more we can do as individuals. These are extraordinary times that call for solidarity and commitment to action. Yet we struggle with the vastness of the question: How do we begin to build a strong, safe, healthy society where ethnicity, color, and creed aren’t the determining factors of an individual’s quality of life?

The process starts with listening and learning. This list of resources shared by the National Farm to School Network offers specific direction for channeling good intentions into meaningful action.