Harvesting fresh local produce for those in need.

Gleaning provides a solution to both hunger and crop waste. Gleaners work with farmers to capture excess quality produce and deliver it for free to those in need such as elders and youth, as well as our schools and institutions.

Many of our current volunteers have been doing the work for years because of the satisfaction they get for helping their neighbors and the joy of being with others who are doing the same.

In 2017 we rescued

26,000 Pounds

of produce and delivered it free of charge to more than 20 organizations.

Since 2009 we've rescued

200,000 pounds

of produce and counting

We need your help to expand our produce recovery to 30,000 pounds this year. About 1,000 hours of seasonal volunteer time are needed to keep the program viable. Please join us… come once a year, or every week.

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Harvest Volunteers join us on beautiful island farms. We provide tools, and instruction and an experienced Field Captain. Most gleans last about two hours. Volunteers may keep a share of the harvest for themselves.

Processing Volunteers work as a team in commercial kitchens to wash, chop, freeze and pickle. A ServeSafe manager leads processing events.

Delivery Volunteers distribute produce to recipient organizations around the island.

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All of this is possible thanks to our participating farms, including: