Island Food Rescue (IFR) is a pilot project that aims to provide solutions to utilize wasted food in ways that enrich the Island community and local food system.

There's No Time to Waste, read our full community report about the need for a 50% reduction in food waste on Martha's Vineyard by 2030.

In 2015, a group of concerned islanders, with support and funding from the Martha’s Vineyard Vision Fellowship, convened the Island-Wide Food Waste Committee to identify an island-wide solution to the newly issued Massachusetts Commercial Organics Ban. Following the recommendations of that committee, in 2016, a food waste pick-up and composting pilot was launched, resulting in 17 tons of food waste recycled into compost. In 2017 that program moved to Island Grown Initiative. In 2019, an in-vessel composter and a food waste collection truck were acquired, and 360 tons of food waste are expected to be processed in 2019.

Read the full report from the Island-Wide Organics Feasibility Study here.

Since it began in 2016, IFR collected:

620,000 pounds

of food scraps from Island restaurants that otherwise would’ve ended up in the trash


310 tons!

Here's what Dana Rezendes at the Square Rigger Restaurant, has to say about the program:

"The program worked smoothly into our busy operation. It saved us money as we didn't have to empty our dumpster as frequently. Our staff was proud they were helping to use the food waste in a productive way. We will not miss the lovely odor food waste could brew in a hot minute when tossed in the dumpster. Thanks to all who put together and executed the program. We plan to continue composting!"