What is the Island Grown Mobile Market?

The mobile market is a truck stocked with reduced-price fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables.  The Market will make stops in neighborhoods with low-income, elderly, and/or disabled residents, and those with limited access to fresh, locally grown food.  The mission of the market is to expand healthy food access for all in our community, with a focus on low income islanders.  We purchase local produce at wholesale prices from local growers and sell with a small mark up to cover operating expenses—this is not a for-profit venture. 

When does the Mobile Market operate?

This year, the market will stop at Morgan Woods, Woodside Village, Hillside Village, the Boys and Girls Club, the Tisbury School, and the Oak Bluffs Public Library.  We primarily operate the market in evening hours to make it easier for working families to access. 

This year is our pilot season, and will run from July 15th through Columbus Day.  During the pilot year we will sell only fresh fruits and vegetables, but see potential to expand the offerings from the market to eggs, dairy, meat, and locally sourced prepared foods in future years.   

Who can shop at the Mobile Market?

Anyone can shop at the mobile market.  There is no need to provide any proof of income or identification forms. 

The primary mission of the market is to increase access to fresh, locally grown food to low income islanders, and so we gladly accept SNAP and WIC and Senior farmer's market nutrition program coupons.

The Healthy Incentives Program

We are particularly excited to be able to launch the market during this first year of the Healthy Incentives Program, which allows SNAP beneficiaries to get up to $80 a month of additional benefits when they buy locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables from farmer’s markets, mobile markets, CSAs and farm stands.   

Mobile Market Schedule

For more information

Contact: Sophie Abrams sophie@igimv.org