Creating healthy, convenient, prepared foods with surplus food from the grocery store and local farms.

Based on needs identified by the Food Equity Network, we know healthy, convenient, prepared foods are a missing part of our food equity stream. We discovered that the biggest need on the island isn’t quantity of food, rather it is getting the right food to the right people at the right time, including those who:

  • have limited transportation and have difficulty accessing the Food Pantry, Serving Hands, community lunches or suppers, and other food distribution sites
  • have recently gone through a surgery or other medical intervention and need temporary help with food access
  • are homebound and need more food than they’re receiving from Meals on Wheels, or are under 60 and too young to qualify for Meals on Wheels but still need prepared food delivered to their home
  • have limited mobility and are unable to process their own fresh produce or make their own healthy meals
  • don’t yet have the skills to prepare healthy food, or access to kitchen facilities.

This fall harvest season, we've processed

1,366 pounds

of local produce from Island farms

And turned it into

850 servings

of nutrient dense soups for community donation

Through the processing program we turn produce from Island farms into soups and sides to be frozen and distributed. We provide them to health care practitioners, social service agencies, and senior center outreach coordinators to deliver to their clients.

We rely on volunteers to process produce and prepare soups

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