Small-scale mobile infrastructure provides island farmers and backyard growers with an accessible, safe and humane solution for poultry processing.

Every year we process

1,000+ birds

for backyard poultry raisers

Every year we process

2,500+ birds

for commercial farms that sell the birds to the public.

IGI’s Poultry Program began in 2007 as a precursor to a USDA inspected meat program. The program has had a dramatic impact on local poultry production, allowing farmers and backyard growers to produce a safe and healthy product for retail sales.

The Poultry Program designed and introduced the Mobile Poultry Processing Trailer to the island. The trailer carries all necessary supplies for processing and travels from farm to farm with an experienced crew, bringing a safe, humane, and local animal processing solution to our local farmers. It is a unique piece of agricultural infrastructure, one that is easily shared between multiple producers and allows growers of all sizes to become involved in raising poultry. Please click here to see photographs of the equipment in action at a local island farm.

Thanks to the poultry program and the MPPT, poultry production has increased dramatically on Martha’s Vineyard. The program has forged links between federal, state and local boards of health to ensure best practices and a safe food supply, and is helping to pave the way for a local facility dedicated to the processing of larger livestock.

The program also incorporates farmer outreach, community education, and a backyard grower mentoring program. If you are interested in helping farmers and consumers reconnect through IGI’s poultry program, we’re always looking for potential employees and volunteers.

If you have a batch of chickens to process, here is the updated pricing information. We have a 25 bird minimum.

  • 25-49 birds $7.25/ea.
  • 50-74 birds $6.50/ea.
  • 75-100+ birds $6.00/ea.
Meat Chicken Expense Breakdown

More about Island Grown POULTRY

To learn more or to process your chickens

Contact: Matthew Dix, Program Leader