Implementing regenerative practices on 8-acres of land at the Farm Hub to restore soil health, sequester atmospheric carbon in the soil, support clean waterways, and produce high yields of nutrient-dense food.

In 2019, with the help of long-time Island Farmer Andrew Woodruff, we are experimenting with:

Reduced tillage, utilizing tarps, cover crops, and other methods in place of plowing;
Multispecies cover cropping;
Detailed soil testing and applying mineral amendments as needed; and
Integrating animals into the crop rotation.

The food we grow on these regenerative fields will be sold at a reduced price on our mobile market, through our winter CSA, direct to consumers at our farm stand and at the West Tisbury fall farmer’s markets, and to restaurants and grocery stores, and will be donated with the help of the Island Grown Gleaners to many outlets that serve food insecure Islanders. The produce sales will help defray the costs of making the transition to regenerative practices and applying them on this acreage, including labor, field and crop supplies, equipment, and soil amendments.

The video below explains why regenerative agriculture is key!

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Regenerative Agriculture

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