An education resources site for farmers and growers, offering demonstration aquaponic and hydroponic greenhouse production, workshops and trainings, a community garden, and an orchard.

Thimble Farm was initially part of a dairy farm owned by legendary farmer Elisha Smith and his forbearers for nearly 300 years. In 1981, Bud and Patricia Moscow bought the property and grew acres of strawberries, blackberries and raspberries for a u-pick operation. The Moscows also built the 31,000 sq. ft glass greenhouse that still stands on the site. In 2000, the Moscows sold the property to Lawrence Benson, who leased the farm to local farmer Andrew Woodruff, of Whippoorwill Farm CSA. When Mr. Benson put the property on the market in 2006, Andrew Woodruff and his CSA members spearheaded a campaign to save the property. The group’s effort inspired Eric Grubman to purchase the property in 2007 as a temporary measure to preserve the farm. Eventually, with the generous help of Allan and Shelley Holt, Island Grown Initiative stepped forward to receive ownership of the farm in 2011.

We've harvested

20,000 pounds of lettuce greens

year-round, even in winter, since October 2013.


15,000 pounds of mixed vegetables

such as tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs, and peppers.

We lease 20 acres of farmland to

5 island farmers

to expand their farming operations.

Once site cleanup and repairs were complete, construction began and crops were planted in hydroponic systems specifically designed to utilize the space in the greenhouse. Currently, 85% of the greenhouse is in operation and crops are available and sold in local markets, restaurants and Island schools. A half-acre of our 40 acres of tillable land is being used as a community garden by 11 families and 2 school groups to grow their own food, another 14 acres is leased to 2 island farmers for expanded production, and 2 acres have been planted into a diverse, homestead style orchard.

We are still in the research and planning phase to create a food hub, complete with equipment and infrastructure to support food growing, processing and distributing. We currently have a honey extractor (contact Randi Baird to rent) and Mobile Poultry Processing Unit (contact to rent).

We are located at 80 Stoney Hill Road.

Option 1 for visiting us:

  • Turn onto Head of Pond Rd off of Edgartown Vineyard Haven Road (same road as the Alpaca Farm)
  • Go down the paved part until you come across a sign that says "Farm Hub" on the left 
  • Take that left and follow the dirt road to the greenhouse

Option 2 for visiting us:

  • Turn onto Stoney Hill Rd off of State Road (same road as Cohousing)
  • Drive down the dirt road until you see the field and greenhouse on the right 
  • Take that right and drive down the dirt road to the greenhouse

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